Review Part 3/3 of KingToys 6″ Mini G1 Seeker Jets: Ghost Starscream (Robot Mode)

Mini Ghost Starscream in all his translucent glory:


These are some high-quality G1 reproductions. These aren’t your average cheapo knockoffs (not to knock on those). The detail and construction on these guys are superb. They are good enough to be considered a new line of figures all on their own, especially the Ghost versions. It’s amazing what they did with these planes.

The body is painted die-cast metal, like the original G1s. The plastic is durable and good quality, comparable to the Encore Series reissues. At about 6″ in length in plane mode, they are roughly 60% in scale to the original G1 jets. The jets just look so cool at this size, and are just as detailed and intricate as their G1 brethren. I’d love to see G1 cars at this size too, but that would require a lot of diecast metal and I bet they would be too expensive for a knockoff company like KingToys to produce. (Hear me, Takara?)

This line of figures is also great because now you can own the limited ultra-expensive redeco versions like the Ghost and Black Starscream and Sunstorm, as well as new clear versions of other G1 favorites, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet, for a fraction of the price. (I only wish they had done a Ghost Skywarp to match my WST Ghost Skywarp.)

Good things do come in small packages. I’m a proud papa.

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