Browning M1910 KO Reissue, 2014

Browning M1910 originally came from the Microman Microchange line (MC-07) and was released as a Transformer only in Japan in the 1988 Supergod Masterforce lineup.  Since then, there have been at least a handful of KO’s made of the mould, including the Taiwanese Kingdam release and most recently this new KO out of China by an unknown manufacturer.

The quality of KO’s lately has been so good lately that some are very hard to discern from the Takara or Hasbro originals, and this one is no exception. I don’t have an authentic Browning to do a real comparison, but this is a really well-made piece for a KO, using good quality materials, with little mould degradation, sharp details, nice decals, and classic mail-order style packaging (although the box gets damaged easily). Overall, for under $100 this is a sweet deal, especially when the real one goes for upwards of $800 and even an loose old Kingdam can fetch $50 on eBay. He’s a nifty little guy, even with the huge duck feet. I think his robot mode is way more proportionate than Megs with a decent head sculpt to boot. But of course, Megs has a much bigger cod piece and cannon.


If you want to learn more about the official Takara releases of Browning M1910, check out

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