Sideswipe G1, Hasbro 1984

Still on that pure nostalgia tip.  Sideswipe was one of the first Transformers I had as a child, and I played with him so much that it was caked with dirt in just about every crevice you could imagine.  So, since my childhood toy was in shambles by the time I reclaimed it from my parents’ basement, I had to recollect somebody else’s G1 toy in better condition.

I used to not like Swipe’s box art, but the more I look at it now, the more I like it. Something about the distorted perspective and impossible physics bothered me, but now I like it for what it is. Art.
Anybody know what store this sticker is from? If my memory serves me right, it’s from Best department store on the East Coast. I got a lot of TF’s there back in the day.
The side of the box has Swipe’s glamour shots. Takara always did a good job with these.
The bottom of the box is pretty much a wide version of the side. Or vice versa.
The backside of a G1 box is always a pleasure to see. Swipe’s description was always intriguing. He’s supposedly Sunstreaker’s brother, the two being Lambo’s. So does that make Red Alert his red-headed stepbrother? The legend is that Bud Budiansky wrote these bios all in one weekend, so go figure.
It’s interesting that the original boxes were also all made and printed in Japan, and their production quality still shows, even 30 years later.
The Lamborghini Countach LP500S in red. Ahh, is there no bigger symbol of opulence and male insecurity from the early 80’s? I’d take one any day.
Sideswipe side. So svelte and sassy.
So he’s got the first stamping in the G1 lineup, marked with the dates ©Takara Co., Ltd. Japan 1980 – 1982. Earlier releases were marked without a date, just like Diaclones, with ©Takara Japan.
His bot form still looks fancy with the whole kit and kaboodle, I always thought that the car doors resembled coat sleeves off the shoulder. So fashionable.
Just a perfect design. The only problem I ever had is the side view, where it looks like his head sticks out to far in front, making him look like he’s leaning forward. Otherwise, the proportions, accessories, and every aesthetic element are, in my opinion, in perfect unison. I also love the little ears on his head, like that of a wolfcub or tiger cub.

I can honestly say I’m pretty satisfied with my current G1 collection right now. I could always upgrade to mintier pieces on some of my figures, or find boxes to display them, or even MISB versions (if I ever have money to throw away), but I don’t think that it would make much of a difference to me.  I guess it’s a part of maturing as a collector – knowing when to collect and when to stop.  For now, I’m happy just pulling pieces out, one at a time, inspecting them, taking photos, and putting them up on this robo-log.  But who knows what the wizards at Takara Tomy will come up with next to take all of my time and money…

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