Fans Project Ultra Magnus City Commander Arrives!

After months of drooling over blurry pre-release photos and convention pics, this baby finally arrived on my doorstep, along with a delivery of Omaha Steaks (meat and plastic – mmmm…)!  It’s a bit of a “Puzzleformer” as many have called it, since the trailer splits into 11 pieces or so in total, but who cares – it’s a friggin’ totally gnarly custom Ultra Magnus!

Starting with this guy…



… and then to this guy!

And here’s the full spread [UPDATED Oct 8, 2106]





Now this is where the fun begins.


The trailer is disassembled and added onto Classics Magnus, kind of like Tony Starks’ Iron Man armor. It isn’t a pretty process, but it works about as well as


This is the most stylized version of Ultra Magus we have ever seen. Just beautiful.



The most impressive thing about the FansProject Ultra Magnus upgrade was the fact that it was the first truly successful 3P kit to take an existing design and improve upon it to create a whole new figure. It’s also the original project that kickstarted the advent of 3rd party figure releases and can be attributed for the new progression of 3P companies that have started their own lines of Transformer homage figures. Thanks to early figures like this guy, where we were able to see the entire progress of the project, it solidified a movement of fanmade figure design that continually help supplement our Hasbro and Takara addictions. Big high five to the guy at Fans Project!

Looks like a football player with his helmet off after a game. Armor is just dope.


I think I left my wallet somewhere in here. My right kneeflap is down. Oh well.

Looking forward to more amazing 3P add-on kits across the board. So far the Megatron Combiner Wars takes the cake for me.

Anybody else like some of the upgrade kits that are armor-based?  

There have been many since this amazing release, and it seems like this design theme is here to stay, to our benefit!

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