Mirage G1, Hasbro 1984

So I’ve been recollecting all the G1s I had as a kid, but got lost or broken along the way.  Mirage was always hard to find in good condition. Most were broken at the waist or legs, like mine. Finally got a good one. Nice and shiny, with good stickers to boot!

The insert is a repro, by Reprobubbles. Very sturdy and perfect dimensions, after cutting to size.
Mirage’s artwork is one of my favorites. It really captures both the bot and alt modes in detail and very accurately, in a classic G1 pose.
The back of this box got obliterated, but what do you know, the flap survived. Ah, Clover. I remember the place well – it’s where I got my first Tracks. 🙂
As a spy, Mirage always got scrap from Cliffjumper for being a double agent, and that one time he actually was, albeit under Bombshell’s hypnotic control. Having an F1 racer as a spy is a pretty cool idea. I could imagine James Bond driving one of these things as a hobby.
This is maybe one of the simplest but most effective transformations in the Diaclone-derived G1 car lineup. Time for a Flip’n’Twist party!
Citanes, Gitanes, Ligier, Figier… So many sponsors and affiliations, so many trademark and licensing issues… All in all, an amazing final product that looks amazing in both modes.
Mirage’s bot mode has got to be one of the all-time most well-proportioned yet fragile figures from the Diaclone era. I love how the fists are posable, and the head fits right into the hood of the car. The hits of silver are perfectly situated, but I do think his feet look like duck feet.
Mirage also has a nice futuristic Pharoah head sculpt, akin to that of Sunstreaker and some other Diaclone figures. His face doesn’t fit in either the masked or mouthed categories, with many facades and atypical angles to it.
In his full regalia, Mirage definitely has a formidable presence. The blue and white color scheme gives him an ethereal and almost ghostly appearance – perhaps why his special power was invisibility. Or maybe I’m fetching too far…

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