G2 Starscream, Hasbro 1993

It’s 2015, and this Starscream’s color scheme is looking pretty hot right now. The white and gray camo, bright neon pops, with purple accents all remind me of some recent sneaker designs by Nike and streetwear fashion trends. Retro 90’s design is in again, of course, in full force. So maybe this Starscream design was ahead of its time, even with the gimmicky tank-shaped chatterbox and mini bopper missiles. I don’t care, this design is dope. I love the design embellishments like the “TAC” on the wings and the cursive diner sign-looking font “Starscream” on the cockpit.  I also love how the main artwork for Starscream has been redeco-ed to accommodate the new camo design.  As far as G1 goes, this is supposedly one of the last altered moulds for Starscream, and whatever the case, it’s a cool one for me.


Now if I just had that Purple Teal G2 Ramjet…

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