Visual Works Exclusive Green Ratchet G1 Transformers Encore Reissue 06, Takara 2008

It’s Booger Ratchet, slimed and tampoo’ed to match the movie version. I don’t know about this guy.  Kind of looks like a reject Constructicon. I was never a big fan of the original toys either. Originally Diaclones, the Ratchet and Ironhide figures were, in my opinion, less like fully autonomous sentient robots and more like armored construction vehicles piloted by the mini Diaclone drivers.  I never liked the angry face stickers that came with the toys, or the 3rd party add-on heads to make the figure resemble the cartoon character either. I definitely like the car to bot-with-sled transformation. It’s a nifty toy. I just don’t think they did a good job with the rendition of his character in the TV series, by adding on a non-existent head to the design. But for some people, Ratchet is their favorite character, and I’m sure that kids who watch the current Transformers movies will feel nostalgia for this version of the character in years to come.


You can snag this MISB at a reasonable price here right now – Emergency Green Ratchet Reissue on Ebay

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