Designer’s Series Hybrid Style Convoy (Optimus Prime) THS-02, Takara 2006

Pound-for-pounch, inch-for-inch, cm-by-cm, the coolest little transforming figure. As part of the short-lived “Designer Series”, the design of this figure is markedly different from other Takara releases, which makes it a truly distinctive version of Prime.


Although it’s more like a highly detailed action figure, with super posability, loads of accessories like extra hands, a jetpack and all the fanservice trimmings, it’s incredible that it actually transforms into an almost decent looking truck.  Big props for highlighting the repair hangar function of Prime’s trailer, which directly alludes to Convoy’s Diaclone roots. Plus the the gray plastic parts are a different kind of material than what Takara had been using for other figures up to this point, with a nice silvery sheen.  We’ll see it again on newer figures like the Combiner Wars Megatron. This is a really nice take on G1 design.

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