Sixwing (Micromaster), Takara, 2003

I almost never go for the little guys, the Kabaya type, any mini-type fig, but this one stood out to me and I had to get him. Besides, who doesn’t like gestalts? I first saw them in the Transformers Generations book published by Keibunsha in 2001, where they showed the original Autobot version released in 1992. So actually, this version is a 2003 Reissue of the Micromasters line. Apparently the story goes that he turned to the dark side and changed factions due to some cosmic force. (I think he was maybe just a closet Decepticon the whole time. Nothing wrong with that.) Personally, this color scheme works way better for me. And even for pipsqueak mini-figs, the details are pretty tight and the bots are not so bad individually. Rad pickup.

Where’s the stale bubblegum?
Teasing the chase “White Berserker Mode” version, looks like he saw a ghost…
Cool little freaks.
Sixwing? Whole lotta wing!

I gotta say this combiner has some nice lines and angles going on, even if it takes a whole lot of kibble to piece him together. But there is one funny little alt mode you can do with all that kibble…

Away, Kibble Chariot, away!
Neat little gimmick.

Ok, back to the mode that counts. This head sculpt is so Takara cool to me. That little star emblem, with the spaceplane wing ears, so detailed – it reminds me of one of the Bruticus alt heads that are featured in the Japanese artwork. I just can’t stay away from a good faceplate. That shining knight armor thing, oh yeah…

Real bots wear hot pink, so what?
Wha’d you say about my breastplate?
Don’t you call me Hollowman.

All in all, super happy about this little guy, and hope they keep making cool mini gestalts. My desk space is super limited and wouldn’t mind keeping one of these guys around from time to time.

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