Korean KO Oversized G1 Cars, Part Deux

Found some more pics of the Korean oversized KO G1 Cars:

I think I may have finally managed to track down all of the figures in this line.  The Korean KOs really have great amazing retro box art, reminiscent of the old Transformers catalog art, which shouldn’t be a suprise given the Japanese influence on Korean pop art.  Their themes seem to draw influences from both US and Korean pop culture, which, during the 80s and 90s, was very much just a regurgitation of whatever was popular in the US a few years earlier.  These KOs are an interesting mashup on many levels, and are at least good for a laugh.



2 thoughts on “Korean KO Oversized G1 Cars, Part Deux

  1. Hey, I used to have one of these Korean Kos! I bought a box of Transformers from someone and he had the Bootlegged Korean Prowl from ATOM that you posted here. Sadly, during a move, he fell over and snapped in half. He had a missing door, the front foot pieces were missing, and a tire was missing. Do you know anybody that would sell these, or even a shop that would carry these guys? Awesome blog and site! THANK YOU for any information!

    1. Hey thanks, really appreciate it! Unfortunately, I don’t know any place to get these other than eBay or private sellers. Most of the old toy shops (in Seoul) that I know closed down. Pretty rare stuff, not sure how to value them other than as cool oddities. Good luck in your hunt, and thanks for stopping by!

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